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Polyester Sound Baffle
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Polyester Sound Baffle

Når folk gjør Polyester Sound Baffle på innsiden av en bygning, må ikke bare veggene behandles, men også taket.

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1. Produktinnføring av Polyester Sound Baffle

When people do the acoustic treatment to the inside a building, not only the walls need to be treated, but also the ceiling. Many materials can be used for the acoustic ceiling, such as mineral wool ceiling, fiberglass ceiling, wood ceiling, fiberglass ceiling. And they can also be in different forms, mostly in horizontal direction. In recently years, polyester sound baffle is getting more and more popular.



2. Spesifikasjon av Polyester Sound Baffle


Polyester Fiber


9mm 12mm


Innen 1220x2420mm






Flammehemmende og akustisk


3 .Features of Polyester Sound Baffle

Decorative: The baffles can be in different shapes and colors

Flame-retardant: ASTM E84 Testing Class A Grade

Lydabsorpsjon og etterklang reduserer

Easy to install

Environment friendly E0 Grade

Ulike størrelser tilgjengelig

4. Anvendelser av Polyester Sound Baffle

The sound baffle is the ideal panel to be used in public place, especially for those places that have high ceiling. For example, Cinema, theater, healthcare center, shopping malls, clubs, education room, stadium, canteens, leisure center. It can reduce the sound reverberation and make the sound more clear

5. Fordelen med Qdboss Acoustic Polyester Sound Baffle

Qdboss Acoustic has the patent technology to make the polyester fiber panel flame retardant during production. That’s to say, our panel is flame retardant after production. The performance is as good as the panel made of FR fibers, while the cost is half. Unlike the old socking method, we can arrange the shipment as soon as the production finished. More environment friendly, no smell, not sticker or wet on the surface. We also have the cutting machine to make different shapes of baffle, to make more possibilities.


6. Qualification of Polyester Sound Baffle

Vi har 7 moderne verksteder og produksjonslinjer, med patentteknologi for å lage de stabile produktene. Qdboss produserer flammehemmende Polyester Sound Baffle, stoffinnpakket glassfiberakustisk panel, glassfiberakustisk tak.

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